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About Local Transit

Local Transit is an independent dubbing and localization company based in Italy, focused on multi-language translations, script adaptations, local content creation and voice-overs for console, PC and mobile gaming platforms.

Our story

  • 1998

    Ready, Steady, Go!

    After a few formative years spent in England as Head of the Italian Department at PolyLang, the first multi-language localization agency specializing in games, Angela Paoletti returns to Italy to found Local Transit to offer high-quality translation and dubbing services to the game industry.

  • 2000

    All roads lead to Rome

    Local Transit establishes its own recording studio facility in Rome, where all the dubbing for movies released in Italy is carried out, keeping constantly up-to-date with the technical requirements, high volumes of recordings, tight schedules and competitive budgets while offering a vast and varied roster of professional dubbing and voice-over talent in Italy.

  • 2002


    Local Transit broadens its language services for translation and audio productions, creating strong partnerships with other European independent game localization and dubbing companies who share the same commitment to high quality, timely delivery and competitive budgets.

  • 2010

    Beyond EU

    Local Transit goes beyond Europe to provide translation and audio production services into South American and Asian languages relying on a network of highly professional local companies.

  • 2013

    Online Linguistic Testing

    Local Transit sets up an enthusiastic and passionate team of Italian expert gamers and linguistics to test mobile and computer games online.

  • 2015

    Supporting Game Culture

    Local Transit becomes a partner of VIGAMUS - the Videogame Museum of Rome - and of the VIGAMUS Academy and Link Campus of the University of Rome.

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We were among the pioneers of game localization and dubbing and we always had great expectations for our industry, right from the early days. This was a time when there were no standards and no best practices - it was like sailing uncharted waters without a compass! We were driven by our passion and determination through this thrilling journey packed with great challenges, from simultaneous multi-language retail releases to DLCs, from MMORPG to VR walking experiences, from licenses to new IPs, from tight on-screen character restrictions to sound sync audio recordings.

It is said that Italians are masters of movie dubbing. We tend to agree, naturally! So, when game dubbing became more complex, we studied movie dubbing processes and adapted them to the unique and constantly evolving requirements of videogame dubbing. This is why we set up our Italian recording studios in Rome, where all the main foreign movie dubbing and often the dubbing for Italian-language movies has been carried out since the 1930s! A strong legacy to combine with our game localization experience and a unique heritage to share with our talented local partners worldwide.

Although almost two decades have passed, our adventurous spirit remains undimmed and has even grown stronger, so we’re always seeking new ventures and fresh exciting challenges. To broad our experience. To fulfil our passion. To keep pioneering.


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Recording Studios

Our studios are located in Rome, in the central, vibrant and historic district of Trastevere.

We have two recording suites equipped with ProTools HD and Talent Screens for sound synch and lip synch dubbing. Our database of actors' voice samples contains hundreds of professional actors and dubbing artists, including celebrities, kids and actors with foreign accents. We have been established in Rome for many years and are renowned for our exceptional skills in talent recruitment and contract negotiation.

Over the years we have developed our proprietary tools to manage all the phases of audio production, in particular to facilitate the checking of the audio source material before starting the recordings, to create the recording sessions, rename the audio files, validate the localized audio files and the final "as recorded" scripts.

Our Amazing Team

Individuals can make a difference, but it takes a team to make it happen.


Founder and Director


IT Manager


Localization Manager


Recording Sound Engineer


Post-Prod Sound Engineer


All roads lead to Rome


A worldwide local indie network

Local Transit is part of a network of independent European, Asian and South American localization teams. Our partners are local, experienced game localization and dubbing studios who share the same commitment to quality and who are experts in the local culture and new expressions and entries into the language. An ideal one-stop solution for clients who have neither the internal resources nor time to work with a multitude of monolingual studios, and who prefer to have one point of contact for all their localization requirements without losing the unique look and feel that creative, dedicated and talented independent local teams can provide.


A worldwide network for Indies

Local Transit is always happy to help indie game developers expand into new territories, and we offer free localization consultancy to assess the most cost-effective processes, schedules and languages. Our network of independent local localization and dubbing studios also enables us to offer all the services for original audio productions, including the live casting of actors, language coaching and artistic direction. For any language and any territory.

Local Transit Video


Our collaboration with Angela breathed new life into The Town of Light, as the game was affected by the poor standard of localization into English when it was first released. The work with the voice actors in the studio, the high professional standard of the artistes, the expertise supplied by Angela and her team, not to mention the brilliant technical assistance, enabled the project to achieve its full potential and was a true reflection of my original vision. A very positive experience that sets the benchmark for future projects.

- Luca Dalcò
LKA Founder & Director



Local Transit Video




  • Excellent dubbing into Italian


  • Brilliant Italian dubbing


  • Italian dubbing at the highest level


  • Excellent Italian dubbing - expressive and beautifully played


  • The Italian localization makes the whole story credible and exciting; it's a really little gem


  • Dubbing in Italian very well done and inspired


  • The Italian dubbing is without doubt excellent


  • Italian dubbing of excellent quality, which is extremely rare in this type of production


  • Magistral soundtrack and dubbing into Italian





  • The game has full Italian dubbing and, for once, we have to say it’s superior to the original


  • Superb dubbing! A benchmark for the industry


  • One of the best examples of game dubbing ever


  • First class dubbing


  • The first thing that strikes you when playing Puppeteer is the excellent Italian dubbing





  • Excellent Italian dubbing


  • Dubbing really worthy of praise


  • Great Italian adaptation


  • Superb dubbing into Italian of all the characters


  • Great dubbing into Italian


  • Excellent dubbing into Italian: the idea that Knack changes his voice according to his size is very original




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We have always actively supported initiatives relating to games culture and education.

As well as being a partner of VIGAMUS – the Videogame Museum of Rome and the Vigamus Academy - Link Campus University in Rome, Local Transit has been directly involved in the university educational program since 2015, when Angela Paoletti started teaching Multimedia Localization in the degree course specializing in Digital Communication (Game Culture, Design, Communication and Marketing).

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